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Endoscopy Services

Calvert Endoscopy Center

The Calvert Endoscopy Center offers the most comprehensive gastroenterological care in the region.There are three board-certified gastroenterologists and state-of-the-art technology.

Last year, some 3,500 endoscopic procedures were performed at CalvertHealth. An endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure that lets your doctor look inside your digestive tract using an instrument called an endoscope, or scope for short. An endoscope is a long, thin, flexible tube with a light and fiber-optic camera attached to it, so your doctor can view what's inside your body on a color TV monitor.

Three of the most frequently performed procedures are upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy:

During an upper endoscopy, an endoscope is easily passed through the mouth and throat into the esophagus. It is used to diagnose and treat ulcers in the esophagus, stomach or small bowel, intestinal bleeding, gastritis and heartburn. It can also be used to stretch narrowed areas, remove polyps( small growths which can over time become cancer) or swallowed objects, and aid in the evaluation of persistent abdominal pain, nausea and difficulty swallowing.

During a sigmoidoscopy, a doctor closely looks at the lower parts of the colon for signs of cancer or polyps. The sigmoidoscope is gently eased inside the colon. This test is useful in evaluating rectal bleeding, diarrhea .It can also confirm the presence of colitis, hemorrhoids, fissures, tumors, diverticulosis and polyps.

A colonoscopy is used to diagnose many of the same conditions throughout the entire large intestine.The colonoscope is gently eased inside the colon. Patients are usually given medicine to help them relax and sleep during the procedure.

Many people are nervous about getting a colonoscopy, but the procedure has minimal discomfort and has saved many people's lives by detecting and removing cancer in its early stages. Staff at the Calvert Endoscopy Center are seasoned professionals who make sure each patient has a very positive experience.

Colon cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable. If you are 50 and over, you should have a colonoscopy. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you should discuss with your doctor when you should have one.

The Calvert County Health Department has grant funding to provide colonoscopy screening at no cost for uninsured county residents 50 or older who meet income guidelines. To find out if you qualify, call 410-535-5400, ext. 348. Younger persons with a family or personal history of colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis may also be eligible.

If you would like to have a colonoscopy and do not have a doctor, call the Physician Referral Line at 1-888-906-8773.

To schedule your outpatient endoscopy service call 410-414-APPT
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