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Project Highlights - The New Standard of Care

Project Highlights - The New Standard of Care

Private Rooms Promote improved outcomes.
Our focus is always on you and what’s best for our community. Over the years we have learned about your needs and we understand it’s our duty to continually dedicate ourselves to providing safe, high-quality health care

Project Highlights
  • Cost of project: $51 million
  • Start date: Fall 2017
  • Completion date: 2020
  • Cost per private room: $700,000 (to construct & equip)
  • New construction: 43,575 square feet
  • Renovation: 32,910 square feet
Private Room Benefits
  • More privacy
  • Better sleep
  • Less risk of infection
  • Space for family and loved ones
  • Improved outcomes

Private rooms are the standard in health care because they result in better care. Studies show private rooms make for better sleep and healthier, happier patients. Research also shows that patients experience fewer falls, have less risk of infection and shorter recovery times in private rooms. Our fundamental focus in this process is for patient safety and healthier outcomes. Exceptional design, state-of-the-art equipment and patient support are at the heart of this project.

Modern equipment makes larger rooms a necessity. The new private rooms allow for nurses and support staff to easily maneuver equipment to access the patient and care for his or her needs. The layout of the private rooms promotes greater efficiency for better caregiving.

Private rooms also encourage family involvement. The role of family and loved ones has changed from concerned by-stander to an important member of the care team. They provide vital support and studies show patients recover more quickly when family members are able to stay and participate in their care.

Over the past five years, we have invested $49 million to upgrade technology and improve facilities to meet the needs of our patients and families. To stay ahead of the latest changes in health care and continue our level of excellent care, it is crucial that we further expand and enhance our facilities.

The new 43,575-square-foot, three-story addition will consist of two, all-private, 20-bed units on the upper levels for medical surgical patients as well as areas for medical and support staff. The expansion will be married onto the existing hospital and will receive a face lift while still preserving as much of the current facility as possible.

The first floor of the project will expand the outpatient services area for patients who need ongoing care.

Once new construction is completed, renovations will be underway to convert existing double rooms on the hospital’s current medical-surgical units for staff space and outpatient services. An inpatient dialysis unit will be located on the 2nd floor and an 18-bed observation unit is planned for the 3rd floor.

The main advantage of a dedicated observation unit is the focus it brings on the monitoring, evaluation, patient care and decision making process required for observation patients. Clustering them in a separate unit will provide better patient care.

The project will also result in improved efficiency and accessibility of the hospital’s emergency department. The availability of the dedicated observation unit along with the increased private room capacity is expected to help minimize wait times in the emergency department due to available beds in the medical center.
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