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FAQ’s for Family Birth Center

Q. Are prenatal classes/tours available?

Yes - CalvertHealthMedicine.org/Classes

During covid -19 we have had to cancel all in house programs. Please check website frequently to see when classes will resume to their normal schedule. We have access to an online education program that is available to you until June 30th, 2020

Q. How do I pre-register?


Q. What are the visiting hours for the Family Birth Center?

Mother Baby Unit - Visiting hours are 1-9 p.m. Labor and delivery – Three designated support persons during labor.

During Covid-19
One designated support person during labor and delivery. (That person will stay with you and the baby during the course of you hospitalization.)
NO other visitors are allowed. Outpatient visits to Labor and Delivery- NO visitors

Q. What labor medication is available to me during labor?

Here a Calvert Health patients have analgesic medications available, such as Stadol to help with labor pain.
Epidural anesthesia is also available.

Q. Is there 24 hour anesthesia?

Our anesthesia providers are available in house and on call 24 /7

Q. Are there positioning devices available to assist with labor?

Yes, we provide squat bars and peanut balls

Q. Is immediate skin to skin an option?

We encourage all babies to have immediate skin to skin , unless medical reason prevents it from occurring.

Q. What does a mother/baby unit mean?

That the mother and baby room in together and usually have one nurse per shift to care for the couple.

Q. Do I need to bring my own breast pump to the hospital?

No, we provide breast pumps in-house, if needed.

Q. Do I need to notify my pediatrician/Family practitioner prior to delivery?

It is recommended that you have a community pediatrician/Family Practitioner chosen prior to hospitalization. CalvertHealth has 24 hour in house pediatrician coverage to care for the newborn while hospitalized.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to the hospital and what is provided for me?

Things you may want to bring:
  • Pillows (ours are plastic and can become warm)
  • A throw blanket to make you feel comfortable
  • A soft towel, ours are industrial towels
  • We have toiletry items, but most patient prefer their own
  • Clothes for discharge (you and baby)
  • Nightgown that is nursing friendly, if breast feeding
  • Slippers

We provide:
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Tee shirts for baby
  • Breast pump if needed
  • Sanitary napkins and disposable panties and other necessary items you may need.

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