Strategic Plan

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A Vision for the Future: Strategic Plan

A five-year strategic plan will chart the course for the future of healthcare delivery for Calvert County and beyond. The plan is grounded in four key strategic areas of focus:

Strategic Areas of Focus

  1. Patient-Centered System of Care
    Expand access to a high-quality continuum of care resulting in high patient satisfaction and a healthy community.
  2. Market Position and Strategic Alliances
    Strengthen our position in the market place through high quality affiliations and strategic partnerships.
  3. Workforce and Culture
    Sustain a highly skilled and satisfied workforce and culture which demonstrates safety, quality, accountability, teamwork and patient-centered service.
  4. Infrastructure and Finance
    Fortify and adapt critical foundations for finance, technology, and facilities to meet growth and efficiency targets.

Fully implement a population health strategy
  • Develop a population health plan targeting the Medicare population in Calvert County aimed at improving outcomes and reducing Total Cost of Care
Enhance patient experience by developing a dedicated organizational structure with system-wide accountability for results
  • Move patient experience department under nursing;
  • plan for patient experiences during the move and renovation;
  • meet benchmarks for improvement to maximize QBR
Sustain top decile scores in quality and patient safety
  • Focus on SSI; MHAC reduction; C-diff; Maternal fetal health; C-section rates;
  • Hold mock joint commission survey

Execute an integrated approach to collaborating with primary care physician groups.
  • Continue conversations with primary care groups in Calvert County to explore opportunities for improved alignment.
Develop a partnership(s) to address the most critical specialty physician needs.
  • Explore partnership(s) in vascular, GI, cardiology, urology, neurology, OB/GYN
  • Explore partnership with Children’s for pediatric specialty services
Establish or expand 2-3 clinical services that meet community needs and enhance revenue
  • Hyperbaric wound care
  • Obesity medicine
Implement a master plan for a premier community cancer center
  • Develop new 3-year plan for cancer program growth in collaboration with new Cancer Program Director
Develop a cadre of physician leaders to promote strong engagement and long-term commitment
  • Recruit and orient new Chief Medical Officer

Implement a process for continuous education, leadership development and career ladders for advancement throughout the organization.
  • Conduct leadership training for department directors utilizing MHEI.
Ensure market competitive salaries and internal equity via continued salary surveys and annual reviews of all market data.
  • Evaluate impact of change to minimum wage and determine timeline.
Demonstrate a culture of mutual respect, accountability and safety
  • Implement Just Culture plan developed by emerging leaders
Position CalvertHealth as the employer of choice in Southern Maryland
  • Develop and implement action plans in response to the employee engagement survey
  • Develop and implement new marketing/recruiting plan
Formalize a mentor program for leaders and employees
  • Develop and implement program for new weekend and night shift employees

Reduce costs 3-5% system-wide by 2023
  • Create an efficiencies task force to prioritize and implement opportunities for automation and cost reduction
  • Conduct a evaluation of services and functions across the hospital for potential realignment to decrease costs
Reduce CHMG investment by at least $1-2 million by 2023 without increasing system costs
  • Implement Coker group recommendations for medical group
  • Explore opportunities to restructure medical group to improve performance
Evaluate and implement opportunities to increase margins from facilities and leases by at least 10% by 2023.
  • Engage in negotiation to restructure leases in medical buildings
Develop long term debt and investment strategies.
  • Conduct analysis of investments remaining after expansion project completion.
Reduce Total Cost of Care and improve decision-making, patient experience, efficiency through the implementation of data analytics.
  • Develop a formal data analytics structure for decision making.
  • Explore the use of telehealth to address access issues and reduce costs.
Complete the renovations to the facility.
  • Complete the private room expansion project on time and within budget.
  • Begin the behavioral health renovation project
  • Plan the OB renovation project
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