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A Vision for the Future: Strategic Plan

A three-year strategic plan will chart the course into the future of healthcare delivery for Calvert County. The plan is grounded in four key strategic areas of focus:

Patient-Centered System of Care

Our goal is to engage patients and families in their care and while providing a high quality continuum of services that will result in high patient satisfaction and a healthier community. We are committed to earning quality and safety scores that put Calvert Health System in the top 10 percent of community health systems across the nation.

Deliver a high quality continuum of care resulting in high patient satisfaction and a healthy community.

  • Achieve top quartile in targeted HCAHPS: communication & pain management
  • Re-engineer patient experience across the health system focused on personalized/coordinated care; responsiveness, easy/timely access
  • Deploy consumer oriented technology like mobile apps, etc. to improve patient experience and engagement
  • Improve patient flow
  • Sustain top decile scores for quality and safety
  • Expand access to primary care and underserved individuals
  • Establish behavioral health services including substance abuse
  • Invest in community wellness, chronic disease management and prevention

Strengthening Strategic Alliances

As an independent, community hospital, we will continue to focus on recruiting top-notch physicians and developing innovative partnerships to ensure local residents have convenient access to high quality health care services. We will explore the possibility of expanding education, outreach and clinical services particularly in oncology, surgery, women’s health and pediatrics.

Strengthen our position in the marketplace through high quality affiliations & strategic partnerships.

  • Accelerate recruitment, alignment and retention of high quality physicians to fill identified gaps in care
  • Fully integrate new physicians with a formal onboarding process, clear expectations and meaningful engagement in strategic initiatives
  • Establish physician leadership advisory council
  • Formalize mentor program for physicians
  • Select high quality, financially solid, trusted affiliations and alliances to maintain independence

Workforce and Culture

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We will focus on sustaining and growing a highly skilled and satisfied workforce committed to quality, accountability, teamwork and patient-centered service. We will use strategic alliances to provide clinical advancement for our workforce and leadership development opportunities for physicians and staff across the health system.

Sustain a highly skilled workforce which demonstrates safety, quality, accountability, teamwork and patient–centered service.

  • Foster a patient-centered culture with an actively engaged workforce
  • Strengthen our commitment to a culture of patient and employee safety
  • Increase accountability across the health system including medical staff
  • Implement a system for communicating annual and strategic goals and measuring and sharing outcomes
  • Improve the quality and frequency of communication from leadership and across departments
  • Assess and adjust staffing to meet strategic objectives
  • Attract and retain a highly skilled and satisfied workforce

Foundations for Success

A focus on fortifying critical foundations for finance, technology and facilities will support our efforts to enhance the health of our community. We will complete the installation of an entirely new information technology system, laying the groundwork for a highly integrated future and new innovations making it easier for consumers to connect with us. At the same time, we’ll transform the hospital and our services by creating all new private rooms and updating technology and infrastructure to support an exceptional patient experience. Finally, we will partner with our community to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time to keep quality of care high and costs of care low.

Fortify and adapt critical foundations for finance, technology and facilities to meet growth and efficiency targets.

  • Grow overall market share by 3%.
  • Implement the branding initiative
  • Achieve a system operating margin of 2%
  • Update the capital plan to meet future needs
  • Meet the philanthropic goals outlined in the Foundation Strategic Plan
  • Improve efficiency in Calvert Physician Associates
  • Integrate and enhance IT systems
  • Complete the private room expansion
  • Enhance facility and IT security
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