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Welcome To The Family Birth Center

Classes & Events
Every delivery is special at Calvert's Family Birth Center. If you decide to have your baby at CalvertHealth, you can count on personalized, state-of-the-art care. Our highly skilled physicians and nursing team bring extensive experience to caring for you and your baby. CalvertHealth pediatric hospitalists are on-call 24 hours a day to assist with any newborn needs.

Our goal is to make your hospital stay the wonderful experience it should be. You and your new family can bond in a private comfortable room.

CalvertHealth has received the prestigious international recognition as a Baby-Friendly Birth Facility.

The Baby-Friendly program is a world-wide movement sponsored by the World Health Organization and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) that encourages breastfeeding exclusively. As part of the “Baby Friendly” status, we encourage exclusive breast milk feeding while you are here with us to help get your baby off to a good start. Providing infants with human milk gives them the most complete nutrition possible. We have lactation consultants who can help you with any nursing issues. Nurturing Necessities, our specialty store for moms and babies, is located on-site and a weekly breastfeeding support group is held there.

Based on the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, this prestigious international award recognizes birth facilities that offer breastfeeding mothers the information, confidence, and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies. Currently there are 387 active Baby-Friendly hospitals and birth centers in the United States. The “Baby-Friendly” designation is given after a rigorous on-site survey is completed. The award is maintained by continuing to practice the Ten Steps as demonstrated by quality processes.

If you choose not to breast feed (after appropriate counseling and education) or cannot breastfeed for medical reasons, you and your support person will be taught safe and appropriate methods of formula mixing, handling, storage and feeding.

From childbirth preparation to baby care basics, CalvertHealth offers a variety of classes and programs to support new and expecting parents before you deliver, while you’re in the hospital and after you go home. For a complete listing, click here.

Labor & Delivery

The Family Birth Center’s labor and delivery unit offers five beautifully decorated birthing rooms, each with its own private bathroom, comfortable birthing bed, and state-of-the-art technology to provide the safest care for both mom and baby.

Brahms Lullaby plays throughout the hospital after the birth of your baby.

If a Cesarean delivery is necessary, a designated fully-equipped operating room is located within the labor and delivery suite. Patients are typically recovered in the birthing room after Cesarean birth and skin-to-skin contact is encouraged immediately after delivery, regardless of the method of delivery. Our knowledgeable staff provides support and encouragement, and is always available to answer any questions you may have related to the birth and care of your baby.

You should discuss your pain management options with your obstetrician during your prenatal care. Childbirth classes are strongly encouraged. The nurses are here to support your pain management choices. Anesthesia services are available 24 hours a day if epidural anesthesia is desired.

Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who are available in-house, around-the-clock, to provide routine and high-risk care for your newborn.

Sometimes, mom’s condition requires a higher level of care than that provided at Calvert. In these cases, the obstetrician is able to consult with perinatologists at tertiary care centers in the area, and arrange for transport to one of those centers. Our antenatal testing room is available for outpatient evaluation and scheduled outpatient testing.

Mother-Baby Suites

Once mom has given birth, you and your baby will be moved to the warmly decorated Mother-Baby Suites, where you will have 24-hr rooming-in. An assessment will be conducted by a highly skilled registered nurse on each shift in your room. An infant security system is in operation at all times and you and your baby will not be separated except for medical reasons.

The average stay after baby’s birth is two to three nights, depending on the mode of delivery. A sleep sofa is available for a main support person to spend the night. Siblings are welcome to visit but may not spend the night.

Mom and one guest will receive a complimentary “Stork Meal” in their room. This is a very special meal with a menu for mom and guest to choose from.

You may order the meals you want when you want them available through Food & Nutrition’s dining menu or a treat from the Lobby Coffee Bar. Guest meals are available for a small fee (cash only).

Other amenities offered are Wi-Fi service in all rooms and a bedside interactive patient education network. Mom may also receive a mini massage (based on therapist availability).

Breastfeeding support is available during your stay and follow-up assistance is available after discharge through our on-site specialty breastfeeding boutique, Nurturing Necessities.

Lactation Services

Lactation services are provided to both inpatients and outpatients by registered nurses that are board-certified in lactation.

IBCLC is the leading internationally recognized lactation certification in the world. IBCLC-certified practitioners are highly skilled in helping mothers with breastfeeding. They also are an important part of the overall maternal/child health team and they assure that evidence-based policies and practices are in place to help mothers succeed with breastfeeding.

Our lactation consultants offer a monthly prenatal breastfeeding class that focuses on milk production, positioning and latching techniques. Other topics covered are feeding cues, how to tell if baby is getting enough, engorgement and sore nipple management. Our goal is to get mom and baby off to the best start and know when, where and how to get help if needed.

Warm-Line Telephone Assistance

Please feel free to call 410-414-5414 or 410-414-4819 during business hours with any breastfeeding question or concerns and one of our Lactation Consultants will be happy to return your call.

Lactation Consultation Appointments

We also offer private one-on-one lactation appointments at the Family Birth Center. Please call our warm-line 410-414-5414 or 410-414-4819 for fees and to schedule appointments.

Breastfeeding support Group

A weekly Breastfeeding Support group meets Wednesday afternoon between the hours of 1:30 and 3:30. Moms help and encourage other breastfeeding moms to know they are not alone and that they can receive the support and education that is so needed. A digital scale is available for moms to weigh their babies before and after feeding. The lactation consultant will be available during these hours to facilitate the group.

Nurturing Necessities

Nurturing Necessities is a specialty boutique specializing in quality maternity and breastfeeding products. It is conveniently located inside the Family Birth Center’s waiting room. You can stop by after your prenatal appointments and our experts can assist you with your questions, bra fitting, and purchases. We carry a large variety of maternity and nursing bras as well as maternity abdominal/back supports.

Nurturing Necessities offers rentals of hospital-grade breast pumps and a selection of personal user breast pumps. We also carry all the accessories for the breast pumps as well as special products to help with low milk supply problems.

For store hours, please call 410-414-5414.

Information Library


Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact With Your Baby
CalvertHealth Prenatal Education Packet
CalvertHealth Infant Feeding Policy


Women’sHealth.gov - General Benefits of Breastfeeding
American Academy of Pediatrics - Breastfeeding Guidelines
Maryland Department of Health - Breastfeeding Benefits
Department of Labor (nursing) - Break Time for Nursing Mothers
NIH LactMed - Drugs and Lactation database
CDC Vaccine Information - Immunization Schedules

Prenatal Registration Form

You may use this online form to register at the CalvertHealth Family Birth Center. Please also fax your driver's license and a copy of your insurance card to the scheduling department at 410-535-8795. In addition, please make note to add your newborn to your insurance policy within 30 days after birth.

If you have questions about this form, you may contact our scheduling office at 410-414-2778.
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Emergency Contact

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You may use this online form to register at the CalvertHealth Family Birth Center. Please also fax your driver's license and a copy of your insurance card to the scheduling department at 410-535-8795. In addition, please make note to add your newborn to your insurance policy within 30 days after birth.
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