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Charge Master Dictionary & Price Transparency
The file posted below reflects charges for items and services provided by CalvertHealth Medical Center. This file is commonly referred to as the hospital’s charge master dictionary, charge description master, or simply “charge master”. In Maryland, the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC), a state regulatory government agency, regulates the rate or charge for hospital services. The HSCRC sets hospital rates at least semi-annually.

In accordance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), CalvertHealth Medical Center, and all other Maryland hospitals, will post its charge master on a regular basis to coincide with the HSCRC hospital rate setting guidelines. The posted charge master reflects CalvertHealth Medical Center itemized charges only and does not include physician or other provider services, commonly referred to professional fees, which are separate from the hospital bill.

Though the state (HSCRC) sets hospital rates, hospital charges may fluctuate during the course of the year within the guidelines set forth by HSCRC. Charges on individual hospital bills may be different from the charges posted here because of changes during the course of the year. This is both allowable and normal as hospitals adjust charges frequently to comply with other HSCRC regulations.

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