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Financial Assistance

Do you need help... or know someone who does?

CalvertHealth Medical Center provides health care to everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. It is our mission to improve the health of our community and we do not want cost to be a barrier for patients who need care, or don’t have traditional access to care.

CalvertHealth Medical Center offers a number of programs for those that are underinsured or do not have insurance. We employ financial counselors who can help you work out a financial plan or apply for state or federal programs that you may qualify for. Financial aid applications are available at all registration desks in the medical center.

CalvertHealth Medical Center also offers financial assistance for hospital services to patients on a sliding scale - based on state guidelines including household income, family size, net assets and financial need.

To determine eligibility or discuss further details, please contact a financial counselor at 410.535.8248.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Services Brochure

Charity Care Application

Uniform Financial Assistance Application

Información financiera del paciente (Spanish Flyer)

Thông tin Tài chính cho Bệnh nhân (Vietnamese Flyer)

Assistance with Hospital Bills

A special financial counselor is available to provide information and resources to patients and families. The counselor can explain the hospital’s billing and collection procedures, deposit requirements and payment plans; help patients apply for medical assistance; explain the hospital’s financial assistance programs and advise patients of other programs available through local agencies.

We know there is sometimes confusion regarding whether a patient is in the hospital for "outpatient observation" or admitted for an inpatient stay. In some cases, it may not be immediately clear whether you are well enough to go home or if hospitalization is needed. In such an instance, you may be placed in "outpatient observation" for short- term diagnostic testing and monitoring to further evaluate your condition before the physician is able to make a decision on whether or not you require admission or are able to go home with follow-up care. "Outpatient observation" is different from being admitted and is not billed the same as an inpatient stay. This means that your financial responsibility may be much different than your inpatient hospital benefit depending on your insurance plan.

If you have questions about this or any other billing concerns, call the financial counselor during regular business hours at 410.535.8248 or dial ext. 8248 from within the hospital.

Your Bills

Hospital billing practices can be confusing. We are here to help. Our patient financial services team can help you with payment options including grants and medical assistance programs as well as answer general questions about payment of your medical services. CalvertHealth Medical Center serves all patients regardless of ability to pay.

Federal and state laws require physicians to bill separately for services they perform while you are a hospital patient. Therefore, you will receive several separate bills related to your hospital visit.

The hospital bill will include the costs for all hospital services. This bill may include charges for laboratory tests, use of equipment and supplies, your room, nursing care, dietary and other technical and support personnel. Charges at all Maryland hospitals are set and controlled by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission. Fee schedules are available for review by contacting 410.535.8248.

The physicians' bills will include the professional fees from hospital-based physicians who provided a service as part of your tests or care while a patient. These services may include radiology, anesthesiology, emergency care, pathology, nuclear medicine, EKG, EEG, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine and other specialties.

We accept all major credit cards for hospital bills. You can also, make payment online at https://ctsv3x.ipayxepay.net/calverthealth/pp_P8000_F1_standard.jsp. Please feel free to contact the hospital billing office at 410.535.8248 if you have any questions about your hospital bills.
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