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The Nurse Residency Program supports new nurse graduates by building on the knowledge and skills obtained in their nursing undergraduate program, assisting with the transition into their new professional roles.

Built on an evidence-based curriculum developed by experts from academic medical centers and nursing schools across the country, the CalvertHealth Nurse Residency Program supports new nurses with a comprehensive 12-month program that focuses on three critical areas: Leadership, patient outcomes and professional role. The curriculum offers a series of classroom and clinical experiences designed to successfully transition the new graduate nurse from beginner to clinical ladder and beyond.  

In addition to guided clinical experience, each residency cohort will meet monthly for continuing education seminars ranging in topics from critical thinking to communication, complete an evidence-based practice project and develop a professional portfolio.
Nurse Residency Development Model

There’s a new program in town! “The Transition to Nurse Residency Program”

Newly graduated nurses are coming into the workforce with less hands-on experience in the clinical environment due to many student clinical experiences being cancelled as a result of the COVID pandemic. What do you do with the resulting gap in skills, competencies and comfort level for nurses new to the workforce? Build a bridge, which is what the transition program is!

CalvertHealth’s Education and Training team collaborated with the Maryland Organization of Nurse Leaders to develop this program. The 2-day program is a “bridge” between general clinical orientation and unit-based orientation. Participants requiring the additional clinical support will have an opportunity to practice clinical and critical thinking skills on patients in the clinical environment prior to starting their unit orientation.

Benefits of Participating in Passport to Practice

  • Promotes peer and professional socialization
  • Participation in seminars led by content experts
  • Consistent, year-long support from CalvertHealth leadership
  • Formal orientation with a preceptor ranging from 8 weeks to 6 months depending upon unit placement

Nurse Residency Candidate Requirements

  • New graduate nurses (AA, BSN and in some cases MSN) with less than one year of experience
  • Obtain a Maryland Board of Nursing license number by the designated residency start date. Please note, many cohorts offer an early start date that allows the graduate nurse to join the program pre-licensed.

Nurse Residency Program Applications

Questions should be directed to: Human Resources at 410.535.8164 or emailed to Heather Poe at heather.poe@calverthealthmed.org.
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Heather Poe
Nurse Recruiter
Human Resources

Phone: 410.535.8164
Email: heather.poe@calverthealthmed.org

Dana Rose BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator
Nurse Residency Coordinator

Phone: 410.535.8114
Email: dana.rose@calverthealthmed.org
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