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The Mobile Health Center travels to under-served areas of the community to bring essential primary care services, dental, prevention and wellness programs to residents who may not have easy access to traditional health care.

Your health is our mission and we are looking forward to seeing to your health and wellness needs at our regularly scheduled stops. Here is a list of community events where the Mobile Health Center will be available (see below). We look forward to seeing you soon!

July 11 – Mobile Health Monday Office on Ageing Southern Pines
July 13 – MHU will be at East John Clubhouse providing vocational education on jobs in Healthcare
July 14 – MHU will be at Farming 4 hunger providing nutritional education including a cooking demo and food label reading.
July 18 – Mobile Health Monday Office on Ageing North Beach
July 25 – Mobile Health Monday Office on Ageing Calvert Pines

For more information on the Mobile Health Center, please call the Community Wellness Team at 410.535.8233. You can also email community.wellness@calverthealthmed.org. 

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