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Diana Lewis, RN, BSN, OCN

Diana Lewis, RN, BSN, OCN
Oncology Care Navigator
Direct Line: 410.414.4716

Breast Nurse Navigator
Diana performs navigation after the patient has met with our Nurse Practioner and Breast Surgeon, Dr. Wen Liang after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis and surgical options have been decided upon: Steps Involved Include:

  • If additional consultations are needed for Plastic Surgery, MRI, MRI Guided Biopsies, or if additional financial resources are needed. Also making sure that respected insurances will cover these services.
  • Reviewing surgical process with patient and family
  • Contacting patients to assess any additional questions prior to Breast Surgery
  • Review of map and locations to arrive to on Surgery day
  • Contacting patient post-operatively regarding status of patient and any additional needs

Thoracic Nurse Navigator

  • Diana speaks with patients interested in Lung Cancer Screening. Along with Sandra Cassell- Corbin CRNP- they meet with each patient individually in the High Risk Lung Clinic prior to having their Low Dose CT Scan.
  • To Qualify for Lung Cancer Screening: a patient must meet the following qualifications:
    • Be between the age of 55-77
    • Have a 30 pack smoking history ( a patient must have smoked at least 1 pack a day for 30 years or two packs per day for 15 years.
  • Be a current smoker or if a patient has quit- has to have been within the last 15 years.
  • These qualifications are essential and important to assure that the patients insurance will cover the cost of the Visit with Sandra Cassell-Corbin and Diana Lewis.
  • If a patient is underinsured or no insurance- will assess for Sliding scale with Calvert Health Medical Systems and Sliding Scale with Calvert Health Physicians Associates.
  • Visits when available to all newly diagnosed Lung Cancer Patients at Calvert Hematology/Oncology outpatient office.

General Nurse Navigator

  • Diana will assist with Oncology patients for resources.
  • Navigate the patients through the Calvert Health System
  • Use community services to assist the patient.

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Megan Hance, RN

Megan Hance, RN
Nurse Navigator
Direct Line: 410.414.4516

Breast Nurse Navigator

Dawn Burroughs, LPN

Dawn Burroughs, LPN
Direct Line: 410.414.4578

To get started you may need:

Chesapeake Neurology Associates
  • Insurance referrals from your PCP if required
  • Photo ID and Insurance Card
  • Pertinent medical records related to your visit. This is to include other physicians notes, diagnostic imaging & labs.
Georgetown University Neurosurgery
  • Insurance referrals from your PCP if required
  • Photo ID and Insurance Card
  • Diagnostic Imaging preferably MRI's, X-rays 4 views would be helpful when dealing with the spine. CT Scans or MRI's when dealing with the brain.

If you are referred to another service (practice) within the Neuroscience Center or Calvert physicians for further testing and or consults and the practice does not par with your insurance. My job does not stop there. I will continue to make sure that you are seen by a reputable physician that fits your needs.

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