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CalvertHealth Partners with Local Physicians to Address Sleep Disorders

Due to the changing reimbursement climate in the field of sleep medicine, there are continually increasing pressures by insurance companies to have sleep studies performed at home or for the studies to be performed in free-standing centers as opposed to higher cost hospital-based labs. These transitions away from hospital-based services positively impact the providers and patients. Therefore, with adequate testing capacity in the county, and as part of our effort to lower the total cost of health care in Maryland, the CalvertHealth Center for Sleep Disorders will no longer be performing sleep studies and recommends our patients see one of our collaborating providers, listed below.

We are fortunate to have several physicians in our community that are board certified in sleep medicine. Two of those physicians, Dr. Kim Goring and Dr. Zahir Yousaf, have operated their own independent, full- service sleep labs for many years, providing excellent consultation, sleep testing and follow up care.  

Calvert Sleep Center
995 Prince Frederick Blvd, Suite 101
Prince Frederick, MD

Chesapeake Neurology Associates
130 Hospital Road, Suite 101
Prince Frederick, MD

Pulmonary and Sleep Center of Southern Maryland
3995 Old Town road, Suite 201C
Huntingtown, MD
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